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   Terms of use and Privacy Policy


iDo Self Service


Here are our terms and conditions of use and our privacy policies, these being very objective.


IDo Self-Service is a registered trademark and identifies a suite of App's applications software intended to provide SERVICES, its use will be in Smartphones equipment and are aimed at providing facilities to users, consumer customers, the goal is to provide customer services with self-service, financial controls and local social network.


There are also Web modules and Service Automation, the Web module is a Management application for internal use, the Automation module is a mobile application and will be used by attendants / waiters, are restricted for use by duly qualified partner establishments, and has the objective of providing management services, controls and service automation.


When you install the iDo Self-Service App and register by entering your requested personal data and accepting and confirming the registration, you are agreeing to our terms, conditions and policies.




Use of applications by affiliated merchants may not be free, may be charged automatically at the discretion of the partner merchant an additional cost of the value of products, if charged, will be added on each order placed and consumed, being shown in the value of each product. on the menu that gives the user / customer access to ordering.


Among the features offered by iDo Self-Service offers is the individualization of each registered customer's table, allowing you to view and control your personal check and all other registered users / customers.


We warn that the fact that the App offers this feature does not exempt any user / customer from the co-responsibility of the total table check.




When you register with iDo Self-Service a code (ID) will be created and associated with the data you provided (Name, gender, email, date of birth, telephone, preferences, language preference), so when you go to a convention establishment some information will be used, such as your birthday for promotion purposes if you go there on your birthday (an alert will be generated) and the establishment wants to do some promotion for you. Other information related to your trip to the establishment has been recorded so that it can be transformed into loyalty benefits through the accumulation of points each time you go to the establishment and consume. Another one that can be used by you and other customers is iDo Chat.


I Do Self-Service will not provide anyone with your personal data, but will only use it at the right time to bring you benefits.

I Do Self-Service may, at its discretion, provide third parties with information about habits and consumption, but will never provide identifying information such as your name, email or telephone.


I Do Self-Service will provide services to establishments by sending emails only to people who have already attended the establishment, informing them of promotions that will occur.


I Do Self-Service may request assessments, the product consumed, the level of satisfaction with the service, complaints, etc.


I Do Self-Service will request data from your credit card if you use the option to pay directly using the credit card, such information will only be saved on your smartphone for future use on new payments if you accept saving, and the code Security will never be saved, you will be prompted each time you make a new payment.


I Do may at its discretion use other commercially available means of payment, and such payments will depend on whether you are eligible for them.


Forum - The parties elect the Los Angeles or Miami forum to settle any dispute raised by the parties, waiving any other forum no matter how privileged they may be.


Accept - You represent that you have read, understood and accepted all terms, conditions and policies set forth herein.

Updates to the Terms and Policy may occur as needed.


For any questions you may have, please contact us at e-mail